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When confidentiality, security and expedited delivery are essential

In a matter of hours, we can coordinate the door to door hand carry of critical packages. When a chain of custody is a must, items like prototypes and urgently needed parts can be transported to and from anywhere in the world. We provide a turnkey, confidential solution that includes:

  • Briefing of the chain of custody courier
  • Shipment pick up and documentation requirements
  • Export and import customs clearance
  • Real-time around the clock communication
  • Confirmation of delivery to the hands of the specific individual designated

We take your most important shipments in our hands... worldwide

Our OBC personnel are fully insured, discreet and represent you in the most professional manner. Regardless of the industry sector, our customers turn to us when nothing can be left to chance and when millions of dollars are at stake. The top ten industries we serve include:

  1. Automotive
  2. Communications
  3. Engineering
  4. Fashion
  5. Film
  6. Finance
  7. Health Care
  8. Mining
  9. Power and Energy