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New Technology – AC Absolute aids Humanitarian efforts

Humanitarian Aid

At Great Circle we can provide for all types of cargo charters from automotive to sea-food, from entertainment groups to humanitarian relief related materials such as life-saving drugs.

Air Canada recently introduced a new technology from Montreal and Toronto Airports to ensure that pharmaceutical and especially life-saving drugs are maintained at the perfect temperature using either re-chargeable batteries or dry ice.

AC Cool Chain offers a selection of three solutions designed for the specific needs of your commodity: AC Absolute°, AC Pharmacair and AC Fresh. These AC Cool Chain solutions provide a temperature-controlled environments to ensure product freshness and stability.

 The primary focus is  to minimize a the damage to products with exposure to elements and this is key whether it be perishable foods or pharmaceutical drugs where the are sensitive to temperatures as that alters the composition of the chemicals in the drugs.

We can get the right aircraft in the air while coordinating with the governments and agencies involved so that shipments get to where they need to be without delay and ensure that the goods reach the destination in perfect conditions to aid patients in critical need.