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Can this be shipped by air?

You would be surprised what can be moved by air. The largest air cargo aircraft can uplift 250 tons with pieces up to 4.4 meters high. Once the requirement and aircraft type is determined, we can tell you when loading can be arranged, when the cargo would arrive at destination along with the cost.

We look after your air cargo charter from origin to destination, including special handling and trucking at each end, as required. On the administration side, we look after all the formalities and documentation to making your experience with Great Circle as straightforward as possible.

Aircraft specifications are matched to your exact air cargo requirements

Our Aircraft Specification page features photographs of the most commonly chartered air cargo aircraft giving you a good idea of what aircraft type may be required. Cargo door sizes, maximum payload weight and volume and range along with other helpful details are listed for every aircraft. 

Our air cargo charters are custom tailored for:

Humanitarian Relief Efforts
We can get the right aircraft in the air while coordinating with the governments and agencies involved so that shipments get to where they need to be without delay. We can also coordinate with more than one relief agency to set up shared charters maximizing aircraft payloads.
Energy and Mining
Energy and mining projects can often drive the economy of entire countries. It is essential these projects are built on schedule, on budget and run efficiently. Solutions often involve inland ground transportation, specialized aircraft loading plans and precise handling at destination. In some cases, large cargo aircraft will carry the cargo to the closest possible airport and from there, smaller aircraft or trucks must be used for the final leg of the journey. Great Circle can arrange the move from end to end, no matter how complex.
Entertainment Tours
Entertainment tours require perfect planning and execution. Expert coordination among tour managers, truckers, air carriers, air carrier handling agents and venue managers is the key, and we do it well.
Motion Picture Shoots
On location film production takes equipment to the four corners of the earth. Whether you are filming in Cape Town, Vancouver or in multiple locations, a charter sometimes combined with scheduled commercial lift and other logistics support can be arranged and managed to keep filming on schedule and on budget.
Worldwide Trade Show Exhibits
Back-to-back trade shows can take your display around the world. By organizing air charters or part air charters, we can make sure you always get set up on time. We help you maximize your results and get your display on its way to each venue as cost effectively as possible.
Automotive manufacturing and assembly plants worldwide depend on uninterrupted production. Whether a critical assembly line part is urgently needed or a large quantity of specific SKUs need immediate restocking, the team at Great Circle is ready to act.
Product Release Marketing
Air cargo charters can serve as a key element of your distribution plan. Air charters can be coordinated to coincide with ground distribution programs to effect same day delivery within North America or around the world. We can arrange for aircraft pallets and containers to be loaded well in advance of departure times to ensure careful loading, lot checks and final counts.
Sporting Events
Sporting events are big business and high profile with demanding media organizations and corporate sponsors expecting schedules to be met without exception. Whether moving race cars or race horses, nothing can be left to chance.