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November 15, 2016
How Much Does a Private Jet Cost?
How Much Does a Private Jet Cost to Rent?
December 19, 2016

Who Uses an Aircraft Charter?

Aircraft Charter

Most people think that flying first class on a commercial flight is the best way to get around. While it may be very nice to fly in one of the sleep pod sections to your destination, there is an even better way to get around. The absolute best way to get around is by using an aircraft charter.

Some of the people who would be interested in private jets are executives who attend multiple meetings in the same day in different cities. You live in Toronto, have a morning meeting in New York, and a dinner in LA. It is very difficult to get to those meetings on a commercial airline.

If there is a large group of people travelling together like a music band or sports team, they use aircraft charters. Some more famous bands or teams might have their own aircraft. Most bands or teams will use charters to get around as they see fit. In order to be able to play multiple gigs in a different cities on the same day the only options is an air charter.

What is the best reason for using an aircraft charter?

Speaking of flying on their schedule, one of the key advantages of having an air charter is that you set your arrival and departure time. If you need to be there for 2:00pm it is arranged that the plane arrives at 2:00pm. You don’t have to land at 10:00am and wait around for a couple of hours since the next flight is not until 4:00pm. This is one of the key strengths of using a private aircraft charter, it allows the busy person to maximize their time efficiency.

Surprisingly, most aircraft charters are not used for business uses. Approximately 70% of charters are for personal use by executives going on vacation with their family and friends.

How much does it cost to hire an aircraft charter?

There is a myth that flying on an air charter is very expensive. That is not true when you look at the numbers. A 16 passenger plane can be chartered for around $5,000/hr. In 4-5 hours you can go from most any major city to another within North America. Depending on the length of the flight that is $1,250 – $1,500 per person. That is cheaper that a single flight in first class on most commercial flights. The time advantage as already discussed makes the value of flying this way even better.

You may be wondering why some larger companies don’t just buy their own planes instead of using charters. Using an aircraft charter regularly is likely much cheaper than owning your own aircraft. This is true even for larger corporations. There is extensive maintenance required on the plane. It also takes specialized mechanics to keep the plane flying. Having them available when you need them through a reliable air charter broker can give you the best of both worlds. It has the planes well maintained and available and keeping your costs down.

Flying on an air charter instead of flying commercial can make strong business sense. It can benefit companies financially and is a great luxury for people who want to fly on their own schedule to where they need to go.